DON’T be a dick and kill flowers….. Spread the love and buy the SEED… Don’t watch it die… watch it grow (also ps…. it’s also cheaper and a lot more thoughtful!lol)

Customise the PACK….. If you know a fat cunt do them a favour and buy them some salad seeds!

Sunflower: You are my Sunshine

Roses: Roses are Red, Violets are blue, watch my love grow for you!

Roses: Roses are Red, Violets are blue, You’re a prick but I still love you!

Marigolds: The closest thing you will get to getting hitched!

Spinach/ salad: You’re a fat cunt…. thought you could do with more greens

Our Grow For Range…..

Grass: Grow for: The only Lawn you will get to see!

Califlower: Grow for knowing what your hemorrhoids look like.

Cranberry:  Grow for your reoccurring thrush!

Cucumber:  Grow for: when the batteries have packed in!

Cucumber: Grow for: when you just don’t hit the spot!

Aubergine: Grow for: Your BUCKET!

Sweetcorn: Grow for: Ribbed for your Pleasure